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Light of My Life

Cover: 'Light of My Life'

Staff Review: "Light of My Life" (DVD)


Approximately a decade after a mysterious plague killed nearly all of the world’s female population, a father (Casey Affleck) and his 11 year=old daughter, Rag (Anna Pniowsky), are on the run. Rag, it turns out, is immune to the illness and has survived all these years while her mother (played by Elizabeth Moss in flashbacks) did not.

Seeing all females (and the plague they carry with them) as a threat, men have begun tracking down and killing any remaining women or girls. Because of this, Dad keeps Rag disguised as a boy and the two stay on the move, camping in desolate forests and venturing into town only as needed. But when some of the men from town suspect that Rag is a girl, she and Dad flee into the wilderness during a brutal snowstorm, unsure of what potential dangers lie ahead.

Post-apocalypse/survivalist dramas are a popular genre in literature and cinema these days, but something about Light of My Life feels fresh. In addition to starring in the film, Affleck also wrote and directed it. I enjoyed the minimalist plot, which was enough to propel the story forward and keep the audience engaged. I also felt a strong connection to the father-and-daughter duo and was fully invested in their story.

Give this movie a watch if you’re looking for something deep, original and unlike most other films out there today.

Audience: adults | Genre: movies

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