The Lightning Queen

Staff Review: The Lightning Queen

"The Lightning Queen" by Laura Resau

Cover: 'The Lightning Queen'

Surprising, haunting, almost magical, this tween novel is unusual in that it spans generations. At the beginning of the story, eleven-year old Teo is suffering from the recent loss of his mother and sister Lucita on the Hill of Dust in Mexico, where hardly anything exciting ever happens. But when the gypsies roll in and he meets Esma, the self-proclaimed colorful and dashing Queen of Lightning, his life slowly begins to change. Even though they come from different cultures, have never met before, and their relationship seems quite impossible, Teo and Esma, according to the Mistress of Destiny’s predictions, will be loyal, life-long friends and save each other when no one else can. This is their destiny. It's a touching, heartfelt story of friendship and enduring love that is not to be missed.

Audience: Children, Tweens | Genre: Fiction


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