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Literary Legends of the British Isles

Cover: 'Literary Legends of the British Isles'

Staff Review: "Literary Legends of the British Isles" by Michael Thomas Barry


Michael Barry's enchanting LITERARY LEGENDS OF THE BRITISH ISLES provides capsule histories of the life and times of 50 of England's greatest writers and poets. Barry provides two-four page write-ups on such luminaries as Shakespeare, Kipling, Chaucer, Swift, Burns, Keats, Dickens, Shaw, Christie, Wordsworth, Wilde, Browning, Orwell, Tolkien and the Bronte sisters. Along with essential biographical information, he discusses each author's literary output, giving the background of their works, critical and popular reception, etc.  He even details the burial site of each writer. Barry's informative text is complimented by over 150 vintage and contemporary photographs, illustrations and artworks. Barry's book is a treat for lovers of English literature.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction

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