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The Little Shop of Happy Ever After

Cover: 'The Little Shop of Happy Ever After'

Staff Review: "The Little Shop of Happy Ever After" by Jenny Colgan


This lovely, new book by Jenny Colgan had me enchanted from the first page (just as all her others have). Readers meet the timid, but immediately lovable Nina, who's a librarian that suddenly loses her job in Birmingham, England due to a library closure. When her life suddenly shifts beneath her feet, Nina is forced to step outside her comfort zone and make the hidden dream of owning her own little bookstore a reality. When a van in Scotland pops up for sale, Nina can immediately envision her own bookshop bus delivering books to villages that have lost their libraries. This was a wonderful read by an author who's rapidly becoming one of my favorites. Her characters are always so humble, relatable, and extraordinary, and this book was no exception!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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