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Lock Every Door

Cover: 'Lock Every Door'

Staff Review: "Lock Every Door" by Riley Sager


One thing New York City is known for is the exorbitant cost of rent and real estate. So when twentysomething Jules loses her job and breaks up with her cheating boyfriend all in the same day, she is instantly in need of money and a place to stay. Jules answers an ad looking for someone to live rent-free at the Bartholomew – an elite, historic and notoriously famous apartment building on the city’s Upper West Side. When she finds out that the apartment-sitting gig also comes with a payment of $12,000, Jules jumps at the chance. But is the offer too good to be true?

Living at the Bartholomew, Jules becomes acquainted with several of its residents, including a legendary soap opera actress, an author she idolized as a child and a handsome doctor named Nick. She also bonds with Ingrid, another apartment sitter in the building. But after Ingrid goes missing in the middle of the night, Jules becomes suspicious. She looks deeper into the Bartholomew’s history, which consists of murders, suicides and other crimes, and discovers that Ingrid isn’t the first apartment sitter to go missing.

Having read other books by Riley Sager (2017’s Final Girls and 2018’s The Last Time I Lied, both great), I was already familiar with the author’s writing style and the kinds of stories he likes to tell. Like his others novels, Lock Every Door features mystery, suspense, and a unique twist on the classic horror trope of the haunted hotel or apartment building. If you’re looking for a fast-paced read that will keep you guessing, this is it.

Audience: adults | Genre: suspense, fiction

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