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The Love That Split the World

Cover: 'The Love That Split the World'

Staff Review: "The Love That Split the World" by Emily Henry


Natalie has just graduated high school and has experienced visits throughout her childhood from a woman she calls "Grandmother" that no one else can see. Her last visit with Grandmother carries a foreboding warning about saving someone in the upcoming summer break. As Natalie tries to piece together what Grandmother's warning might mean, she starts to see other people that others cannot, one of whom is Beau. She and Beau are instantly attracted to one another and grow so close that, as the end of summer nears their worlds seem to be pulling them apart. You will be reading all the way to the final page to find out what happens to Natalie, Beau, and Grandmother. This novel is unlike anything I have ever read but has a sort of supernatural, time traveling element that I love. This is a wonderful debut for author Emily Henry that definitely helps you to remember just what first love feels like and how the summer after high school feels magical. I especially recommend this book to all fans of young adult literature and anyone who loves a little time travel in their lives. A standout of this genre.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction

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