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The Lunar Chronicles

The Teen Review: "The Lunar Chronicles" by Marissa Meyer

Cover: 'The Lunar Chronicles'


The Lunar Chronicles is a four book series written by Marissa Meyer. It takes place in the future, but with a fairytale twist. It is the year 126 t.e. (126th year of third era), and earth has taken on some changes, including; turning injured people into cyborgs for the sake of life, hovers (cars that fly!), netscreens (cellphones), and even little robots called androids that people use as assistants. But the biggest thing that has occured, is the fact that colonization has taken place on the moon. The kingdom of Luna is small but powerful place, and after so many years of living on the moon, the humans there have developed a supernatural ability to control people's thoughts, and change their appearance.

The plot revolves around the main characters Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter trying to stop the evil lunar queen Levanna from raging war and taking over all of earth. Theres a great variety of colorful characters and backstories to go along with them, and Marissa Meyer does a fantastic job balancing them all out and giving each one a purpose. You get to love them all by the end. I'd also like to say one of the best things about these books, is the incredible world Meyer has worked hard to construct, that when you start reading, you feel as if you're actually there, right next to the characters!

Overall, I highly recommend the whole series, with an ending that's quite satisfying. I'd also like to recommend the three extra Lunar Chronicles books Meyer wrote; one a prequel, one a collection of short stories, and the latest a standalone. I hope to write separate reviews on each!