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The Medici Boy

Cover: 'The Medici Boy'

Staff Review: "The Medici Boy" by John L'Heureux


Set in fifteenth century Florence, this novel is written as a confession and memoir by Luca Mattei, a devoted assistant to the great artist Donatello. Luca writes about living in the infamously sinful city of Florence and about the intimate details of life in Donatello's workshop. A collision of politics, art, and forbidden passions, this is a tale full of secrets and an inside look at the persecution of great men for the personal gain of others. As Donatello creates his famous bronze David, his passion for his young model leads him dangerously close to personal ruin. Luca will do anything to protect the honor and life of his master, but at what cost to himself?

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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