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Missing, Presumed

Cover: 'Missing, Presumed'

Staff Review: "Missing, Presumed" by Susie Steiner


Manon Bradshaw loves her job as a detective sergeant in the Cambridgeshire Major Incident Team and excels at it, but her personal life is unfulfilling. She has grown weary of the internet dating scene, even as she plays the game of shaving a few years off her actual age (39) and cribbing her hobbies and interests from other people’s profiles. In her latest case, a graduate student and daughter of prominent parents, Edith Hind, goes missing, and the pressure is on Manon and her colleagues to solve the case with care, competence, and quickness, but early leads soon turn cold. The press seizes on the case which serves to escalate the already increasing tension and the stakes for the police and those connected to Edith. The consequences of the case are far-reaching for all involved. I enjoyed this book, which is primarily a police procedural but also includes elements of personal and family drama as it explores issues of race, class, and privilege in the context of a criminal investigation. Manon is an engaging central character who is intelligent and prickly yet sympathetic. The audiobook, which is available through OverDrive, is also excellent. Fans of Kate Atkinson and Tana French are likely to enjoy this book.

Audience: adults | Genre: mystery

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