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Mortal Heart

Cover: 'Mortal Heart'

Staff Review: "Mortal Heart" by Robin LaFevers


In this final installment of the His Fair Assassin trilogy, readers finally learn more about Annith, a young woman who is trained as an assassin in 15th century Brittany. Annith and the other members of the convent, Ismae and Sybella, serve Mortain, the god of death, and also use their skills to protect the young Duchess of Brittany. Unlike Ismae and Sybella, Annith has yet to receive a mission to serve Mortain. She must decide if she will accept the role of Seeress offered by the abbess, which will forever chain her to the physical walls of the convent, or find another way to serve Mortain by leaving the convent. What sets this trilogy apart from other YA trilogies is that each book is narrated by a different main character. The reader learns more about each individual character, but the plot still moves along as the women work together to protect the duchy and its inhabitants. The main story arc of serving Mortain unites all three characters, and the author does an incredible job of placing her fictional characters in a historical setting. Fans of historical fiction and strong female characters will enjoy this series.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, ya fiction with adult appeal

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