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The Mountain Between Us

The Teen Review: "The Mountain Between Us" by Charles Martin

Cover: 'The Mountain Between Us'


Stranded in the wilderness of Utah, two strangers struggle to survive and grow to depend upon—even love—each other while helping the other get over their emotional baggage. How the author sets up the situation is ridiculous and pretty implausible, but I don’t mind that as much as the boring writing and weird romance. When Martin writes, his sentences all tend to form the same dry structure. With 400+ pages, this style gets stale fast. Even a scene where a character gets mauled by a moose (which is actually hilarious to say out loud) is told with the same detached, dull tone.

The character themselves are rather uninteresting also; Ben is some boy scout mastermind with some family issues but mostly seems to be wishful thinking on the author’s part, and Ashley is mostly described as “different from the other girls” (which is a cliche that should die??).

I couldn't really get into this book. Nothing that happened was interesting, the characters were lacking in complexity, and the entire plot just seemed a I mean, who gets lost in Utah?