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Cover: 'Mrs.'

Staff Review: "Mrs." by Caitlin Macy


At an Upper East Side preschool in New York City, groups of gossiping mothers and nannies gather to pick up their children day after day. Among them, is the fabulous Phillipa Lye and her childhood acquaintance, Gwen Hogan. Phillipa's life seems perfect: she is married to a wealthy banker and has three beautiful children. But, Phillipa's scandalous past comes out of the woodwork after Gwen and her husband put some startling facts together in order to prosecute another preschool mother's husband. This mother, Minnie, is new to the Upper East Side with her husband and has the facade of a perfect life. But again, nothing is as perfect as it seems. This book is comparable to Big Little Lies in the sense that it is a portrait of the wealthy, privileged mothers and families in New York's Upper East Side. However, I found the plot to be stagnant and the characters were not developed to their full potential. Recommended for character-driven readers, or those looking for a contemporary, scandalous read.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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