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My Accidental Jihad

Cover: 'My Accidental Jihad'

Staff Review: "My Accidental Jihad" by Krista Bremer


A captivating and moving memoir about a women's journey through love, interethnic marriage, parenthood, and life. This memoir follows Krista from her surfing days to a journalism career to a chance encounter with a runner that eventually leads to a discovered pregnancy, and soon a cross-cultural marriage. The author shows us her experiences being married to a Muslim man, her own journey with religion, and the experience of a different culture, with refreshing honesty and humanity. As a reader who has a deep love and interest in the study of religion, especially Islam, I couldn't stop myself from escaping into Bremer's journey. This in an important memoir; beautifully written with wisdom everyone can appreciate and learn from on each page.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, memoir

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