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My Brother's Shadow

Cover: 'My Brother's Shadow'

Staff Review: "My Brother's Shadow" by Tom Avery


Eleven-year-old Kaia is frozen in time, a horrendous, unimaginable time; the day she found her brother Moses in his bloody bed, dead.  Her mother, who has lost her job, numbs herself with booze, Kaia with not talking, withdrawing from everyone at school where she’s known as "the freak", not even daring to read any books at a higher reading level than when her brother was alive. In their frozen states, Kaia and her mother do not talk about that life-changing day a year ago. Suddenly a silent, wild boy in tattered clothes appears at school and becomes Kaia’s constant companion. With spare, simple text, this hope-filled novel, written for tweens, easily draws us in and portrays the difficult, complex process of grieving.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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