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My Diary from the Edge of the World

Cover: 'My Diary from the Edge of the World'

Staff Review: "My Diary from the Edge of the World" by Jodi Lynn Anderson


Gracie Lockwood lives in Cliffden, Maine, an ordinary enough sounding city, but it is anything but ordinary. Her world is populated with flying dragons, sasquatches, giants, mermaids, witches and angels. Gracie loves her home, but when the dreaded Dark Cloud begins hanging around, apparently in search of her sickly brother Sam, her family flees in a Winnebago camper, bound for the Extraordinary World which her eccentric father is sure exists. To help them on their journey, her grandmother, a witch, suggests they get a guardian angel and gives them money to purchase one. In this fun, almost magical novel we witness Gracie's world through her diary entries in three different diaries beginning in September on her twelfth birthday. This is a wonderful, bittersweet, captivating tale of family love, told through the eyes of an extraordinary twelve-old girl and her unusual family. Written for tweens, this delightful fantasy will appeal to readers of all ages.

Audience: children, teens | Genre: fiction, fantasy

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