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My Name is Lucy Barton

Cover: 'My Name is Lucy Barton'

Staff Review: "My Name is Lucy Barton" by Elizabeth Strout


We all have a story, and this one is Lucy Barton’s. When a mysterious reaction to a recent surgery lands Lucy in the hospital for an extended stay, she is surprised to find her estranged mother sitting at the foot of her bed. Since Lucy married and moved to New York City years ago, she has had little contact with her family and never goes to visit. With the sudden reappearance of her mother at her sick bed, the two start to connect over old memories and the small town gossip of home. As Lucy’s history is revealed, we begin to see the dark secrets of her life that have left her longing and searching for love. This novel is a quick read but a deep one. It leaves you pondering the depths of how our childhood shapes us, and affects our choices until we become aware of our ability to overcome our past and take control of our fate.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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