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The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook

Cover: 'The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook'

Staff Review: "The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook" by Kate White


Have you ever found yourself wondering how to make Richard Castle’s pancakes or Kinsey Millhone’s peanut butter and pickle sandwich? If so, this is the cookbook for you! It showcases recipes from more than one hundred mystery authors, and chances are at least one of your favorite mystery authors contributed a recipe. Each recipe includes an introduction from the author, which may include a family history or personal anecdote, connect the recipe to the fictional world or characters associated with the author, and/or rhapsodize about the delights of food. Brief snippets throughout the book explore connections between food and the mystery genre that are likely to educate and entertain. While a few of the authors are foodies or have formal culinary training, novices have nothing to fear. Many contributors proudly declare their preference for quick, simple dishes! There are color photographs throughout the book, but the number is relatively small, so if you like to browse cookbooks for the photos, you’re likely to be disappointed. I enjoyed reading the fun, often humorous introductions to the recipes and enjoyed the playful tone of the cookbook.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, cookbook

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