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Cover: 'NERVE'

Staff Review: "NERVE" by Jeanne Ryan


Vee is used to living her life behind-the-scenes. As part of her high school’s drama department, she prefers to stick to doing costumes and makeup rather than stepping into the spotlight like her best friend, Sydney. But after Vee sees her crush flirting with Sydney, she decides to do something drastic to get the guy’s attention and to step outside her comfort zone. Vee signs up for the new Internet game show NERVE, which recruits teens to livestream themselves doing humiliating and dangerous dares for prizes like cars, clothes, vacations and tuition money.  

After completing a few successful dares, Vee vows to quit the game, but each reward offered to her is more enticing than the last. With each prize, however, comes a new dare that’s more challenging and more dangerous and those that came before it. Before she knows it, Vee finds herself addicted to the prizes, the thrill of the game and to all the attention she receives from handsome and charming Ian, whom NERVE pairs her up with to complete the dares.

I liked Nerve, but didn’t love it. Even though it had its faults, the story still kept me entertained and I found myself wanting to see just how far Vee would go with her dares and how far NERVE would push its contestants to their breaking point.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, suspense

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