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The Nesting

Cover: 'The Nesting'

Staff Review: "The Nesting" by C.J. Cooke


What would you do if you had no where to go, and the opportunity of a lifetime landed in the seat next to you? Lexi finds herself in just such a position, riding around the train after devastating life events leave her homeless and jobless. When the opportunity to nanny for two young girls in Norway lands in her lap, she knows she has to take it. What starts as an amazing chance to live and work in a beautiful but isolated house in Norway quickly turns into a dangerous and unsettling experience for not only Lexi, but also the two little girls she's grown to love. 

This novel hooked me from the opening chapter and did not let go. I was completely sucked into the atmospheric setting of the wild woods of Norway and loved the supernatural elements of Norse folktales that were weaved into the storyline. The entire novel was not just a thrilling mystery but also a love letter to Mother Nature herself, and the importance of the environment and fighting against climate change. I absolutely loved this book!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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