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Cover: 'Neverhome'

Staff Review: "Neverhome" by Laird Hunt


Ash Thompson is not all that he appears to be. In fact, he is not a man at all, but a woman serving in the army in her husband's stead. She is surrounded by mystery and intrigue. She is brave, strong, and faithful. Through her journey she is a soldier, a legend, a woman locked up for insanity and rumors of traitorous behavior, and a puzzle. This novel is an intriguing inside look at what life was like for the women who snuck into the army during the Civil War to serve in place of a loved one, or simply because they felt called to action in a time before women were allowed to serve. Hunt’s twists and turns will leave you waiting for Ash to be discovered at any moment and will keep you pondering what is fact and what is fiction in this woman’s adventure. Who is Ash Thompson really? We may never know the whole truth.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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