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No One Knows

Cover: 'No One Knows'

Staff Review: "No One Knows" by J. T. Ellison


In this fast-paced new thriller, Aubrey Hamilton is still intensely grieving over the mysterious disappearance of her husband five years later. Not only was she accused (but thankfully acquitted) of his murder, she now receives a letter from the state declaring Josh officially dead, even though no body has ever been found. It seems that her ex mother-in-law needed the official letter to move on, and to fight Aubrey for Josh's hefty life insurance. Still spinning from the unanswered questions of her husband's disappearance, Aubrey is soon catapulted into discovering what happened five years ago, closer than ever to finally figuring out what exactly happened that night. I could not put this page-turner down and couldn't predict any of the twists and turns the author presented! It's been recommended for readers of Liane Moriarity, Paula Hawkins, and Gillian Flynn, and I'd have to agree with those author read-a-likes for this novel.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, mystery

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