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Nothing Bad Is Going to Happen

Cover: 'Nothing Bad Is Going to Happen'

Staff Review: "Nothing Bad Is Going to Happen" by Kathleen Hale


Kippy Bushman is still recovering from the physical and psychological damage caused by her investigation into her best friend Ruth’s death. She and her father have a rocky relationship, her former tormenter Libby is the closest thing she has to a friend, and the sociopath who killed her friend Ruth continues to contact her. At least things are going well for her with her boyfriend—at least until she finds him at his house, barely alive. The doctors ruled it an attempted suicide, but Kippy can’t believe it. She knows that she saw someone at his house that night, but without evidence, no one is going to believe her. With her former wingman in the ICU, Kippy has little choice but to turn to Libby (of all people!) for assistance. As with the first novel in the series, the book is entertaining as a dark comedy and small-town Wisconsin noir. Kippy’s relationship with her father has some interesting new wrinkles, and it’s interesting to see Kippy turn her powers of observation upon herself as she considers the dynamics of female friendship. Fans of Veronica Mars and Fargo are likely to enjoy this book, which is intended for older teens.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, mystery

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