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Cover: 'Oddity'

Staff Review: "Oddity" by Sarah Cannon


Any book that starts out with fifth graders defending themselves against leopards (again) during a safety drill promises to be fun.  Oddity is a small town that's...well...odd.  Except to Ada Roundtree and her friends and family who have spent their whole lives there.  When Ada's sister Pearl disappears after "winning" the town sweepstakes, nothing is the same for her.  Rather than complain or cry, Ada and her friend Raymond and new kid in town, Cayden, continue to sneak around, learning about the mysteries of Oddity and loading their findings to "Nopes," a website dedicated to figuring out the mystery behind Oddity.  When Ada discovers a mysterious tunnel in the grocery store freezer that leads directly to the puppet mansion, the three set out to find out exactly what the puppets are hiding inside their mansion. Sarah Cannon pulls out all the stops and invents a town that has aliens (some of them make excellent barbeque), zombie rabbits in one piece pajamas (they could be rabbits, but no one is exactly sure), ghosts in lockets and closets, a grouchy kombucha sponge who lives in a jar and runs the co-op and a town controlled by puppets.  It's part "Welcome to Night Vale,"  part mystery, part fairy tale and part wacky fun.  I highly encourage you to visit Oddity!    

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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