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One For Sorrow: A Ghost Story

Cover: 'One For Sorrow: A Ghost Story'

Staff Review: "One For Sorrow: A Ghost Story" by Mary Downing Hahn


Shy, timid, Annie Browne probably would have had a hard time making new friends anyway, but arriving as the new girl at the finest school in the city makes it even more intimidating. Unfortunately, just as she arrives, a friendless, unlikable girl at school, Elsie Schneider, grabs her for her friend. Trouble is, Elsie wants exclusive rights to Annie and she’s mean and hateful and also appears to want Annie’s life as well. Annie desperately tries to get away from Elsie by seeking friendship with some of the other girls, only to later witness them bullying Elsie, stealing her flu mask and taunting her with the worst thing possible in 1918: influenza. When Annie later discovers that Elsie did get the Spanish Flu and died, she feels guilty and responsible. But Elsie is not finished with Annie and continues to torment her from the grave. This tween book is realistic, well written, and definitely for readers who enjoy their stories a little on the scary side and love ghost stories.

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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