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Orphan Train

Cover: 'Orphan Train '

Staff Review: "Orphan Train " by Christina Baker Kline


I finally had a chance to read this book I kept hearing about, and it did not disappoint! This novel follows Molly, a present day child in the child welfare system, as well as a girl from the past known by many names. Molly meets this woman, now Vivian, through a community service project, and as they sift through Vivian's attic, they sift through her past. The story that unwinds, through Vivian's flashbacks, is a deeply moving story. I found myself rooting for young and old Vivian, and caring for Molly more and more each page while she grew as a result of learning Vivian's past. This was a remarkable read that I will be recommending to everyone!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, historical fiction

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