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The Other Mother

Cover: 'The Other Mother'

Staff Review: "The Other Mother" by Carol Goodman


In this new novel by Carol Goodman, the reader is immediately gripped by new mother Daphne’s doubt after the birth of her daughter Chloe. When she meets and strikes up a friendship with Laurel, one of the mothers in her new support group, Daphne finally feels hope and reassurance. Unfortunately, events that Daphne never could of predicted lead her to run. She escapes when the opportunity falls into her lap to work and live with her favorite author, who lives next to a mental hospital and is connected to its history in a fascinating way. The reader is then taken on a winding and unpredictable path through a truly thrilling and atmospheric masterpiece. If I say any more I feel like I’ll ruin the book, so all I can really say is that this is definitely a must read for fans of psychological thrillers! Carol Goodman is so talented, and this is hands down one of the best books I’ve ever read!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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