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Cover: 'Overwhelmed'

Staff Review: "Overwhelmed" by Brigid Schulte


Brigid Schulte, a Washington Post journalist and busy wife and mother of two, tries to answer a question that is on everybody's minds in today's breathless, harried, and fast-paced world: how do we find the time to do it all and not lose our minds? Brigid's journey takes her to a time researcher who insists all American women have 30 hours of leisure time a week, to businesses that are redefining the ideal worker by promoting flex-time and allowing employees to bring their children to work, and to Denmark, a country where leisure is valued and busy-ness is looked down on. Brigid's voice is strong and her journey amusing and thought provoking. This book is full of interesting research and personal stories from people who are trying to juggle a busy life and still keep their sanity. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in adding a little more balance, happiness, and play to their lives.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, health, mental health

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