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The Pieces We Keep

Cover: 'The Pieces We Keep'

Staff Review: "The Pieces We Keep" by Kristina McMorris


In this gripping new novel, we meet Audra, a widow still struggling after the loss of her husband. In an effort to start fresh, she takes her son, Jack, on a job interview, where he has an intense panic attack. Soon, Jack starts having violent night terrors, in which he mumbles names Audra has never heard of. Soon he shows a new obsession with World War II, and grows terribly withdrawn. Audra meets an army vet with gaping holes in his memory, and the two embark on a mission to discover the meaning behind the clues Jack is leaving behind. What ensues is a riveting and healing journey that spans decades, and left me thinking of the characters long after the last page. 

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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