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The Poet's Dog

Cover: 'The Poet's Dog'

Staff Review: "The Poet's Dog" by Patricia MacLachlan


Trapped in a bitter blizzard, two children, Flora and Nickel, are led to a safe, warm cabin by a dog named Teddy who speaks in a language they immediately understand. They find food and firewood to make a fire and share life stories while they plan how they can get word to the childrens' mother. Teddy knows instinctively how to rescue them, just like he was rescued by a man who was a poet and gave him the gift of words. Written in Newbery award-winning author Patricia MacLauchlan’s characteristic concise, spare word style, this poignant story of love and loss will touch everyone’s heart, but especially pet lovers of all ages.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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