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Puss Jekyll Cat Hyde

Cover: 'Puss Jekyll Cat Hyde'

Staff Review: "Puss Jekyll Cat Hyde" by Joyce Dunbar


Puss Jekyll is the perfect pet, cuddly and sweet, but she has a secret. At night she becomes Cat Hyde, mischievous hunter of small critters, not an ideal house pet. How can these two distinct personalities coexist in one furry cat body? Puss Jekyll lounges in the sun, warming her paws, while Cat Hyde prowls the streets wreaking havoc. What trouble will Cat Hyde get into, but more importantly, will Puss Jekyll be able to get out of it?

Puss Jekyll Cat Hyde uses unique words and pacing, accompanying contrasting illustrations to draw you in to this book based on the classic tale of Jekyll and Hyde. This book is great for introducing new, more complex words to a child as well as an introduction to the classic concept of Jekyll and Hyde. Cat lovers, language lovers, and spooky tale lovers will enjoy this, and the rhythm makes it a perfect read-a-loud. 

Audience: children | Genre: fiction, read-alouds, picture book, animals

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