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Race the Night

Cover: 'Race the Night'

Staff Review: "Race the Night" by Kirsten Hubbard


Has the world really ended? Is there really only pollution, drought and this desert ranch and a few chosen special kids and teachers left? Twelve-year-old Eider has nagging doubts and is plagued by memories of another world with her sister in it. At night she takes forbidden exploratory trips beyond the closely monitored fence and collects prohibitive artifacts of the world “Before”. She begins dangerously questioning her teacher, challenging the lessons they are “fed” and searching for clues. Is there a world “Beyond” that is really alive, intact and full of people leading normal lives? Eider has to discover the truth and maybe, just maybe, she can also find her sister. This timely, intriguing, addictive tween novel takes a hard look at the truth and being courageous in the face of powerful lies.   

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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