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Raging Heat

Cover: 'Raging Heat'

Staff Review: "Raging Heat" by Richard Castle


Nikki Heat’s latest case starts with the remains of a man that fell from the sky and crashed into the glass façade of Hayden Planetarium. Intrigued by the case, which leads a powerful political figure, her reporter boyfriend, Jameson Rook, joins the investigation only to find threads that do not fit into Nikki’s theory. Unsettled by the friction in her relationship with Rook and dissent within her tem, Nikki pursues the case as Hurricane Sandy nears New York City. Nikki remains intelligent, resourceful, and tough as nails, and the novel expertly raises the life-and-death stakes along with emotional ones. Fans of the television series Castle and previous Nikki Heat books are sure to enjoy this novel and the “easter eggs” from the series planted for their enjoyment, but Raging Heat is accessible to readers new to Castle and the Nikki Heat series.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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