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Red, White & Royal Blue

Cover: 'Red, White & Royal Blue '

Staff Review: "Red, White & Royal Blue " by Casey McQuiston


Alex Claremont-Diaz is like American royalty. His mom, Ellen, is the first female President of the United States and he aspires to follow in her political footsteps one day and also become prez. During his time in the White House, Alex has had a not-so-secret rivalry with Henry, the Prince of England. Alex has always thought of Henry as being spoiled, entitled and stuck up while Henry has the impression that Alex is rude, brash and full of himself.

After Alex and Henry get into a very public confrontation at a royal event, both of their PR teams force them to spend time together and pretend to be friends for the media. As the months progress, the two begin to call, text and hang out often, and genuinely start to like each other. But on New Year’s Eve, Alex is taken aback when Henry impulsively kisses him, forcing Alex to examine his developing feelings for the prince, which he’s shocked to realize are reciprocated.

After the kiss, Alex and Henry begin a clandestine romance that has them secretly meeting up all over the world. Despite their growing feelings, both men are apprehensive about publicly coming out – Alex, because his mother is up for reelection; and Henry, because the Crown feels that society would frown upon the idea of a gay prince. The two are left to contemplate when – if ever – they’ll be able to take their relationship public, as well as how society and their families will react.

Red, White & Royal Blue is such a fantastic book. First-time author Casey McQuiston did an incredible job crafting a story that is original, full of personality, and steeped in romance. You can’t help but root for Alex and Henry and cherish every moment and milestone they share in their relationship along the way. This book made me laugh, made me tear up, and made me desperately hope for a sequel!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, contemporary fiction, romance

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