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Remote Control

Cover: 'Remote Control'

Staff Review: "Remote Control" by Nnedi Okorafor


They call her Sankofa, but that is not her name.

Whispers travel ahead of her calling her the adopted daughter of Death, fearful cries that she will kill you with one touch, destroy a town with one glance. A fox follows at her heels, her only companion.

Sankofa walks from city to city, searching all of Ghana for the object that was stolen from her. Fallen from the sky, given to her as a gift from a Shea tree, it was hers. As her search continues she remembers, she remembers her family, climbing the Shae tree, looking up at the stars and making up names for them. She must decide, should she continue her search for the object that caused her power, find her family and regain more memories or embrace the title adopted daughter of Death and continue to leave bodies in her wake.

This book was incredibly interesting, I had never read a science fiction book set in Africa and I was captivated. Nnedi’s use of language and vivid imagery transports you, touching on topics of death, guilt, technology, our reliance on it and what it’s doing to our society. A delicate mix of science fiction and folklore, this book was intense and thought provoking. 

Audience: adults | Genre: science fiction, fiction

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