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The Rosemary Spell

Cover: 'The Rosemary Spell'

Staff Review: "The Rosemary Spell" by Virginia Zimmerman


Books and words have always been important to Rosemary and her best friend Adam, so when they discover an extremely old book in a locked cabinet in her father’s old study, they are excited beyond words. Is it perhaps a secret, magical, ancient book? Did it once belong to Shakespeare or perhaps to Constance Brooke, an elderly poet suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who used to live in their house? When they begin to write in the book at school and strange Shakespearean verse magically appears and their friend Shelby suddenly disappears, solving the mystery becomes crucial. But is it too late and too dangerous to rescue Shelby? Can they retain their memories of her so she doesn’t permanently vanish? This fun, exciting tween mystery will appeal to readers and book lovers of all ages.

Audience: children, teens | Genre: fiction

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