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Saving Winslow

Cover: 'Saving Winslow'

Staff Review: "Saving Winslow" by Sharon Creech


When his father brings home a sickly, half-dead baby donkey in the middle of winter, Louie, who has not had luck keeping things alive like goldfish, worms and bugs, is determined to do whatever it takes to save it.  Suffering the loss of his brother, Gus, who recently joined the army, having a baby donkey to love helps soothe Louie's lonely heart and gives him something to take his mind off his brother. But Winslow becomes so much more than that, and even his eccentric and pessimistic new friend, Nora, falls in love with Winslow. But as Winslow thrives in his care, the problems get bigger too and tough decisions regarding Winslow’s future must be made. Newbery Medal award-winning author, Sharon Creech, gives us this charming, sweet, heart-warming story that is perfect for younger tweens looking for a good animal story. I loved it!  

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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