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Scar Island

Cover: 'Scar Island'

Staff Review: "Scar Island" by Dan Gemeinhart


No one wants to end up on Scar Island, no one. Believing his crime to be so terrible, Jonathan Grimsby feels he deserves whatever punishment or bad treatment he is given at the Slabhenge Reformatory School for Troubled Boys on this tiny, stony, awful spot in the black sea. Finding a crew of would-be gnarly pirates as the adults in charge, life is constant work, verbal abuse, gruel to eat (while the staff eats steaks and candy), and a dank, dirty spot on the floor to sleep. When a freak accident takes out the adult crew, the boys, now suddenly free and able to do anything they want, and with little to go home to, decide to take charge of the “school” and the island. Teacher-librarian author, Dan Gemeinhart, has written an engrossing, emotional survival story for tweens that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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