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The Seafront Tea Rooms

Cover: 'The Seafront Tea Rooms'

Staff Review: "The Seafront Tea Rooms" by Vanessa Greene


This was the coziest, most heartwarming novel I've read this year! Set mostly in a beautiful English seaside town, we follow three woman on a journey of friendship, discovery, and life altering decisions. Seraphine, who travels from France to be an au pair and practice her English gets a moment to relax in a quaint, seaside tea room. Charlie, at the Seafront Tea Room to research tea rooms across England for a magazine article that her career is riding on, meets quiet, single mother Kat in a pivotal moment in her life. As their friendship strengthens, the three woman join together to research some of the most amazing tea rooms all across England. Along the way they end up meeting fantastic people and finding lasting friendships, family, and love. I didn't want this amazing read to end!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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