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Seven Dead Pirates

Cover: 'Seven Dead Pirates'

Staff Review: "Seven Dead Pirates" by Linda Bailey


“Libertalia. You!” Lewis can’t stop thinking about the two words that his dying Great-Granddad, whispered urgently into his ear. What do they mean? What’s even stranger is that his parents don’t even know. He guesses it may be connected somehow to Shornoway, his Great-Grandad’s sea-side, historic home. To honor the requirements of his Great-Grandad’s will, he and his family must live at Shornoway for at least 6 months, and he will occupy the mysterious, locked, top-floor tower room with a magnificent view of the sea. Lewis thinks it’s all a wonderful dream until objects in his new room start falling, noises and thumps begin behind walls, and a strange swirling mist suddenly turns into the talking ghost of the long-dead pirate, Captain Crawley, who requests his help. This fun, rousing novel, written for tweens, will be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone who loves pirate, adventure and ghost stories.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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