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The Seventh Wish

Cover: 'The  Seventh Wish'

Staff Review: "The Seventh Wish" by Kate Messner


Charlie Brennan reluctantly agrees to go ice fishing with a neighbor to earn money for a beautiful Irish dancing dress that she wants for an upcoming competition. The small first fish she catches is unusual with glowing green eyes, like emeralds, and it speaks and promises her a wish in exchange for its freedom. She is so shocked she doesn’t even know what to wish for. Each time she goes ice fishing the magical fish reappears, always offering her wishes in exchange for freedom. But when her beloved sister Abby is in trouble, can a wish fulfillment from this special fish solve something so serious and bring her sister back to her? This hopeful book for tweens combines stark realism with fantasy and addresses a serious subject in an understandable way for this age group. 

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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