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The Shadow Year

Cover: 'The Shadow Year'

Staff Review: "The Shadow Year" by Hannah Richell


In this captivating novel, Lila is devastated from a terrible loss. When she is anonymously sent the key to a tucked away cottage in the Lake District, Lila flees London for the quiet of the mysterious cottage. As her bruises, both physical and mental, slowly start to heal, Lila throws herself into renovating the hidden cottage. But the cottage isn't what it appears to be, and Lila is driven to find out who gave it to her and what past the walls hold. I could not stop reading this novel! At every twist and turn I thought I had figured out what happened to the group of college graduates who inhabited the cottage before Lila, only to be proven wrong! This novel kept me guessing until the very riveting end.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, mystery

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