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Silver Bay

Cover: 'Silver Bay'

Staff Review: "Silver Bay" by Jojo Moyes


Romantic, charming, and full of surprising characters, this early work from a popular author is not one to miss. Mike Dormer is climbing the ladder in a prestigious land development firm in London. He has made partner, is engaged to the boss’s daughter, and lives in luxury. His entire life appears to be perfect, that is until a land deal falls through on a high end resort project and he is forced to quickly scout out a new property on the shores of Australia. After a 30 hour flight, he finds himself in the small community of Silver Bay. He expects to get in, gather information on the site, schmooze the locals, and then get on with his life with a hefty profit in his pocket. What he doesn’t expect is how deeply his life will be affected by the locals he encounters, especially the mysterious Liza McCullen whose mysterious past is a closely kept secret. She has lived peacefully in Silver Bay with her daughter for five years, but the arrival of this outsider might just put an end to their quiet way of life.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, romance

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