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Some Kind of Happiness

Cover: 'Some Kind of Happiness'

Staff Review: "Some Kind of Happiness" by Claire Legrand


Finley Hart is sad. She is sad and downhearted about a lot of things, including the fact that she is being forced by her parents to spend the summer at Hart House, with grandparents and cousins whom she has never even met, while her parents try to “work things out”. To escape, she retreats into the Everwood, a forest kingdom fantasy world that she is creating in her notebooks. Soon after Finley arrives at her grandparents’ house, however, fantasy and reality collide as she discovers the huge forest behind their house is strangely a lot like her fictional Everwood. Even though she and her cousins are forbidden by their grandparents to go in the forest, they discover that it is in trouble and holds long-kept, upsetting family secrets. Is she able to discover the truth, save Everwood, her family, and herself? Alternating between reality and fantasy, this is compelling reading for older tweens.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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