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Spirit Hunters

Cover: 'Spirit Hunters'

Staff Review: "Spirit Hunters" by Ellen Oh


Harper Raine is sure that there is something really wrong with the old Gothic house that her family is moving into, beyond the repairs and renovations that her parents are making. She can sense it, and a neighborhood girl who becomes her friend confirms that it is rumored to be haunted. And then there’s Billy, a boy her four-year-old brother Michael introduces her to in his new room who is not immediately visible to Raine. Soon she, with the help of her estranged grandmother, a shaman, (and Rose, a kind spirit in the hall mirror) are in a race to try to save her brother from evil spirits trying to possess him. I loved this fascinating paranormal novel of self-discovery for tweens, although it did keep me up late turning pages. It will be enjoyed by anyone, but especially readers who like ghost stories.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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