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Sputnik's Guide to Life On Earth

Cover: 'Sputnik's Guide to Life On Earth '

Staff Review: "Sputnik's Guide to Life On Earth " by Frank Cottrell Boyce


Sent to a live with a foster family in the country the summer after his grandad could no longer care for Prez or himself, the only thing Prez Mellows can focus on is finding and being together with his grandad again. Enter Sputnik, an alien, who appears to be a dog (with leather helmet and pilot goggles) to everyone except Prez, who declares that he has come to earth to save the world but he needs Prez’s help. Sputnik has superpowers to aid in their mission; he can read minds and play around with the known laws of time and space. Together they set off on an amazing, fun-filled summer discovering the ten reasons why the earth is worth saving.  With fun, interesting, well-developed characters, this enjoyable tween novel is full of heart, and enough humor to keep the pages turning.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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