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Stars Above

Cover: 'Stars Above'

Staff Review: "Stars Above" by Marissa Meyer


This collection of nine stories takes place in the world of the popular Lunar Chronicles. Most of the stories serve as prequels to the series and provide additional backstories for a number of characters, including Michelle Benoit, a high-school age con-artist Carswell Thorne, and a young Cress. As charming and endearing as these stories are, the biggest draw for fans of the series is likely going to be the final story, which takes place after the events of Winter. The characters from all four books reunite for a wedding. (Yes, Iko is thrilled to unleash her fashionista skills!) This book is intended for Lunar Chronicles fans. (I’d recommend that the uninitiated start at the beginning with Cinder.)

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, science fiction

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