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Strong Female Protagonist

Cover: 'Strong Female Protagonist '

Staff Review: "Strong Female Protagonist " by Brennan Lee Mulligan, Molly Ostertag


I don't always cry while reading books.  Mostly my sniffles are reserved for a good romance, but the graphic novel "Strong Female Protagonist" got me sniffling.

"Strong Female Protagonist" tells the story of Alison Green, AKA Mega Girl, a former superhero turned college student.  After Alison is confronted by the damaging results of her battling super-villains and how little her superhero skills have changed the world for the better, she pulls off her mask and returns to "normal" life, only to find normal life is just as complicated, if not more.  The story's authors and illustrators have posed tough questions for Alison to grapple with:  What does it mean to be good and to do good in a world full of suffering?  How does forgiveness work?  What can a superhero do when she is helpless to prevent the suffering and death of those she loves?  Alison tackles these questions and learns that by understanding how the past affects the present and how consequences are the natural result of choices made she can learn to forgive those who have caused her pain, whether it's a villain, whose cancerous tumors enable him to kill with inhumanely sharp blades, but are slowly killing him, or her sister, who doesn't understand what it means to Alison to stop being a superhero. The fact that these questions are tackled through the graphic novel format should invite teen readers into Alison's world of superheroes and villains and leave them with a better understanding of how humans, super or not, react to these difficult questions that plague all of us as we grow up.

Overall, this was an excellent book that everyone should read.  It helped me clarify my own thoughts about what makes someone a hero (super or not) and what causes people to make bad choices in their life.  Definitely a five star read!  I can't wait for the rest of this webcomic to be published as a book!   

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, graphic novel, superheroes

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