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The Summer's End

Cover: 'The Summer's End'

Staff Review: "The Summer's End" by Mary Alice Monroe


The final book of Monroe's Lowcountry Summer Trilogy fills in the remainder of the story of the three Muir half sisters as summer comes to the end. All of the girls living at Sea Breeze have life-changing decisions to make as summer comes to a close. Harper finds her purpose, Dora looks ahead, Carson accepts herself, and Mamaw finds life again in this well-written, plot-packed conclusion to their stories. The author does a great job of rounding out the series and tying up loose ends of seemingly real life characters you have cared for since book one. Again, this is a wonderful beach read and series that I recommend all of the time! I definitely recommend reading the first two books of the series before this book. The characters and the setting are easy to fall in love with, making you wish that you lived in Sea Breeze too.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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