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The Tale of Halcyon Crane

Cover: 'The Tale of Halcyon Crane'

Staff Review: "The Tale of Halcyon Crane" by Wendy Webb


I happily stumbled upon this atmospheric novel and immediately couldn't put it down. We meet Hallie, a woman who receives a very mysterious and unbelievable letter from a woman who claims to be her long-lost mother. When Hallie confronts her beloved father, days before he dies, she learns the letter is no lie. What she grew up believing is, and she travels to the island in the middle of the Great Lakes where her mother lived and very recently died. Left with no one but an unsettling housekeeper to tell Hallie her family's story, Hallie fights to find out what happened decades earlier that caused her loving father to escape with her and fake their deaths. This was a great mystery, with many secrets to unravel, a bit of romance and many supernatural elements throughout. I'm looking forward to reading more by this author!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, mystery

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