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Ten Eggs in a Nest

Cover: 'Ten Eggs in a Nest'

Staff Review: "Ten Eggs in a Nest" by Marilyn Sadler, Michael Fleming


Gwen, the hen, has laid her eggs but tells the soon-to-be father, Red Rooster, that it is bad luck to count your eggs before they hatch. Soon one egg hatches and proud Red Rooster goes to Worm World to buy a worm for his new chick. When he gets back, however, more chicks hatch requiring Red Rooster to make several trips back and forth to Worm World to buy additional worms as more and more chicks hatch at different intervals. This early reader is also a wonderful, fun, engaging read aloud with bright, clear pictures that will have kids laughing, counting, adding and learning.

Audience: children | Genre: fiction, easy reader, read-alouds

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